Friday, August 24, 2012

Apps, Apps, and More Apps

It is an exciting time to be in education.  Things are changing rapidly and one of the most powerful changes I have witnessed is the introduction of the iPad into the educational setting. Hard to believe I quickly adopted this isn't it.  I feel fortunate to work in a district that believes in technology and was able to find a way to get these educational tools into the hands of their professionals. 

Getting an iPad is the easy part.  Weeding your way through over 500,000 apps in Apple's App Store is an insurmountable task.  Have no fear I have found some fabulous resources that can help you through that process.

Smart Apps for Kids - Every day this group put out their pick for the "Good Free App of the Day".  I have grabbed some great apps through this program.  Smart Apps for Kids also provides real and authentic app reviews.  They provide daily news on free and discounted apps too. The Rafflecopter is fired up daily offering their friends some of the greatest giveaways on the web.  Some of things I have seen them giveaway are; iPads, apps, cases, and some of the neatest accessories on the market. They can be found on the web and on Facebook.

AppAble - If you have a student with special needs AppAble is the place for you.  They frequently have chats with app developers on their Facebook page.  These chats are highly beneficial as they will help you maximize the features of the app.  They also help you have a greater appreciation for the app developers and  will provide you with a few moments of comic relief too.  The administrative team at AppAble is friendly and seem to be online 24/7 providing resources to the special needs community. Some of the resources they provide are app reviews and a Daily Free App List to find the deals of the day. Code and accessory giveaways  are regular features on their Facebook and blog pages.  Stop by and check them out.

The iMums - Four moms from around the world have joined forces to offer advice on everything related to mobile devices.  On their Facebook and web pages they offer unbelievable reviews that feature educational apps and recreational apps for kids.  They also do in-depth product reviews too.  On their website you will find interviews with app developers and reviews of some of the newest accessories on the market. The iMums send out a daily email summarizing their posts for the day. Which is very handy to quickly pursue the news of the day.  Giveaways are abundant and multifaceted on The iMums pages.  Stop by one of their locations and check out this wonderful resource.

AppyMall - The new kid on the block is quickly become a popular destination. The AppyMall is designed like your local shopping mall with five main anchor stores.  These stores are; Preschool App Store, Elementary App Store, Middle School App Store, Special Needs App Store, and Speech Language App Store. Additional stores are opening on almost a daily basis. Inside each store you can search by age, grade levels and more.  Since opening, the AppyMall has been busy offering lots of contests, giveaways, and flash sales.  I am still feeling my way around the AppyMall but like what I see so far.  It just might become a game changer in the app review market.  Perhaps another "Mall of America" but this time in cyberspace. Check out the AppyMall and their blog and Facebook page to see for yourself. 

Please realize that these are just a few of the wonderful resources out their there.  I know there are a lot more but this group is where I hang out when I am looking for information of apps and accessories. If you have not stopped by all the resources that I mentioned make time in the next few days and see what I am excited about.