Saturday, August 25, 2012


Kabaam, what an intriguing name for an app.  You might want to considering taking a look.  Kabaam is an iPhone app that was produced by Gamua and sells for only ninety nine cents.  With a great name like this I'm sure your wondering what you can do with this app.

Kabaam allows you to create and publish comics using your own pictures.  You are able to take your own pictures with the device or access pictures you have saved in your photo roll or on Facebook.  As you are telling your story you can add what Kabaam calls juice to each photo.  Juice really is the ability to add speech, thought and shout bubbles as well as notes (short bits of text that reveal the setting or tone) and Baams (expression of speechless acts).  Once you have completed your comic strip you name it.  Then it is time to publish it.  Some of the options you have are; publishing it to, post to your Facebook or Flickr pages, upload to Picasa, send it by email or save it to your photo roll.

When you are building your first Kabaam there is an awesome tutorial that walks you through each step.    I also like the tutorial located at

How have I used Kabaam? On the speech side of my job, I used it to script conversations to help some of my student work through social issues. The comic strip format really helped them to understand their peers point of view.  It worked amazingly well because I was able to personalize the comic strip by using classmates in the pictures.  I have also used Kabaam with my technology classes. After we completed our unit on internet safety, students wrote comic strips.  An activity like this allowed me to move the students up Blooms Taxonomy to higher levels of learning.  

If you haven't tried Kabaam I highly recommend you take a look. The only  drawback I can find is the limit of nine pictures. It is well worth the dollar to get it.  Kids love it and adults will have fun too.