Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcome to Tech-Talk

Seeing my thoughts in a blog is scary but a little exciting.  I've had the urge to give this a try for quite sometime but keep putting it off because I do not consider myself much of a writer.  Well there is no time like the present.  So here goes!

Tech-Talk is a blog that will focus of my thoughts and ideas regarding my professional life.  I fill dual roles for the district that I work for.  Currently I am the districts only educational speech language clinician.  At times it gets a little lonely on my island so feel free to stop in for a "virtual chat". The other part of my day is also filled with teaching technology to the districts 4th - 6th graders.  They are a great bunch of kids and eager to learn and embrace whatever I put in front of them.  It's hard not to catch their excitement for learning.

I know my teaching assignments are a strange combination but I love it!  It allows me to use both of my degrees and combines two of my passions.

Stop back again to see what I have been up to.  You will find my thoughts on various things related to technology, speech/language services and an occasional misplaced comma or two.