Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh Man What A Gem!

Do you know what this is? I consider it one of the greatest iPad accessories on the market. It is a Justand. The Justand was developed by Justin Franks at Procomputing in Carrollton, Texas for only $89.

This stand allows you to use your iPad as a document camera. The stand it well constructed  out of thick sheets of aluminium. The arm is constructed with a heavy weight hinge.  An adjustable tab allows you to insert your iPad into the stand with case on. There is no fear of this tab breaking off as you can see in the picture.
In addition to using you iPad as a document camera with Justand you can also use it as an awesome stand for your iPad while you are working at your desk or with a group of students at a table.

I can hardly wait to try out the Reflections apps and mirror my iPad to my Smart Board. In my opinion the Reflections app combined with the Justand and iPad can be an affordable game changer for the classroom.

Over the past year I have become active on Facebook pages such as Smart Apps for Kids, AppAble, and The iMums. These are all Facebook pages that are dedicated to helping parents and educators find quality iPad apps and accessories that will benefit their children. Each of these pages frequently run giveaways on a regular basis and because of Smart Apps for Kids, I became aware of the Justand. I did not win the giveaway but was fortunate enough to have an anonymous donor contact Justand and pay for a stand on my behalf.

Without this anonymous donor, I would not have this unbelievable accessory. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for providing the students I teach this gift. It will open up learning opportunities that otherwise would not have been available to us. I hope one day to be able to "pay it forward" to another educator with a gift this valuable to their classroom. Whoever you are, you will always be a rock star to me.

I think the Justand is going to take off in classrooms across the world. It is just what educators needed as we are rolling out mobile device learning opportunities.