Monday, September 10, 2012

Rock'n the Educational World

Last week it finally all came together! With the help of the district technology coordinator I was finally able to get a number of my educational technology tools working together for the betterment of my speech students. There was a lot of excitement from both my students and myself.

The technology tools that I had working together were my interactive whiteboard running the Reflections app, iPad3 running the Cam Draw app, and my Justand was used to hold my iPad. Running the reflections app on the computer allowed me to use AirPlay to mirror my iPad onto my IWB. This is an unbelievable tool in the educational setting. It was a little tricky to get set up because the computer attached to my IWB is on the wired network and my iPad on the wireless. I had to seek a higher power to get this to work. The technology coordinator was able to figure out how to make it run for me. I have been able to have up to 14 iPads running through Reflections and displayed on my IWB with different things running.

The CamDraw App allowed me to turn the iPad into a telestrator and write on top on the image I was displaying. Awesome way to complete old fashioned paper pencil tasks with students.

I can't say enough good things about the Justand. In my opinion it is the best iPad accessory on the market  and should be in every classroom. Highly quality construction yet sleek and functional.

Cost for this experience

  • Reflections App - $15.00
  • CamDraw App -$0.99
  • Justand - $89.00
Educational experience - Priceless