Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Speech with Milo Board Game: Articulation

Speech with Milo Articulation Board Game: Common Sounds Pack

That cuddly loveable blue mouse Milo is back. This time he is featured in his very own board game. Speech with Milo Board Game: Articulation is a highly engaging and motivating way for children to practice their production of the targeted speech phonemes. Like the previous apps that feature Milo, this app is made by Doonan Speech Therapy and sells for the very reasonable price of $3.99

The object of the game is simple. Be the first person to maneuver their game piece (Milo, Melvin. Maggie, or three other friends) down the path from home to school by spinning the spinner and navigating the pathway filled with numerous special squares that can impact the outcome of the game. Up to five people can play at a time.

This app uses colorful pictures that feature the target phonemes in the initial, medial and final positions of words. Phonemes present are : (F), (V), (K), (G), (S), (Z), and (SH). One downfall of the cards is that the audio on the cards is very quiet. Even with the sound turned all the way up on my iPad it was rather quiet.

Doonana Speech did an awesome job with the data keeping portion of the app. You are able to keep data on all of the players; what position of words the phoneme was produced in, the percentage correct, percentage incorrect, and percentage attempted. The data is easily emailed out. 

My students loved the app. They were motivated to participate in the activity even when I made them say their picture cards the same number of times as they moved their game piece. I believe this app fills a definite need for educational speech language clinicians. As it provides a fun and engaging way to practice articulation skills, keeps data and is very reasonably priced.