Monday, October 8, 2012

Guided Access

Educators and parents have been asking Apple to find a way to lock their mobile device into a single app and Apple came through for us. With the update to iOS 6 a few weeks ago you are now able to do this with an accessibility feature called "Guided Access". What it does is disables the home button, volume and other areas you set so students do not have access to them without triple clicking the home button and entering the password that you set.

How To Turn Guided Access On:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Find General and then choose Accessibility.
  3. Turn Guided Access on.
  4. Set a passcode.
  5. Launch the app you want the student to use.
  6. Triple click the home button.
  7. Tap the start button.

I have been using "Guided Access" regularly with two students since iOS 6 came out. This is a great added tool to help educators be more proactive and remove the temptation of leaving the app for the student or clicking on things that distract from the learning. It has worked wonderfully with the exception of one day early on when it locked itself into the app and would not release. I was mirroring my iPad onto my interactive white board using reflections at the time. After momentary panic on my part because I had all of my technology locked up, I hard rebooted me iPad and was able to enter my pass code and exit the app. Since then it has run just fine. It must have been one of the flukes of technology. Personally, I think Guided Access has a lot of potential for students with significant disabilities and the early childhood population.

Check out the video below created by Mandi Schaumburg of Panda Speech regarding "Guided Access." It does a great job showing how this process works.