Sunday, October 28, 2012

NearPod WOW Whee!!

I'm going to take off my SLP hat and put my educational technology degree to work on this post. Last spring I ran across an app that looked great but I didn't have enough time to take a serious look at it until earlier this month. That app is NearPod.

You ask what is NearPod. It is an unbelievable educational tool. It allows you as the educator to engage your learners in classroom content in a interactive manner. My words cannot do this tool justice so I am going to use some of NearPod's videos as they can explain their tool a lot better than I can.


 As a part of your presentation you are easily able to insert polls, Q&As, quizzes, videos, or a "draw it" so your students can become active learners and have the material content brought to life. The following video clips explain how to add each of these things.

Adding Polls

Creating a Q&A

Creating a Quiz

Adding A Video

Adding A Draw-It

Once you have added all the content to your presentation then you publish it so your students are able to join your presentation when given the unique PIN #.

NearPod does a great job of providing webinars on how to use their app. They appear to be committed as the app has recently gone through an update. I think it has tremendous potential in the educational setting and sing its praises to classroom teachers every opportunity I get. Take a few minutes to take a look. You will not regret it.