Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Resources

Thanksgiving, Gray Thursday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday have all come and gone. Next stop Christmas. I've spent a few years accumulating a list of on-line holiday season resources that I only use for these four weeks each year. I've decided to put what I consider the nine best into a list and share them with you. So here's the scoop in no particular order.

Reindeer Orchestra - User can play three different Christmas carols by clicking on the appropriate Reindeer's nose or press the appropriate number keys on the keyboard. You can also access a free play mode where you can attempt to play any song.

Reindeer Cam - Watch Santa's reindeer twenty four hours a day all year long. During the holiday season Santa stops by at 10 am, 5 pm and 8 pm central time to feed the reindeer too. Santa's nice list is located on the barn wall. To add  your child's name to the list check out the FAQ section of the website.

Christmas Tree Light Up - The object of this brain teaser is to plug in your Christmas lights and rotate the circuits until all of the bulbs on the tree are lit. Make sure to plan ahead as you are lighting up the tree or you just might end up with one or two unlit bulbs. Warning this game can be very addictive!

The Gingerbread Man with Everything - Allows you to decorate gingerbread cookies anyway you like. There is a huge variety of candy and icing to use. Make sure you check out the gallery before you begin to help spark an idea. Once your cookie is complete, feel free to save it and email to a friend. This site is filled with hours of fun for anyone.

Design Your Own Gingerbread House - A great way to build a gingerbread house without having a sticky mess to clean up afterwards. Every house can be unique as there is a wide variety of things that can be added to every house. Items can be rotated, flipped and resized to ensure the user can express their creativity any way they would like. 

Portable North Pole - It is a customizable website where you provide a few basic pieces of information about your child and what they want for Christmas. Then Santa sends your child a personalized video message through email. The videos are wonderful and well worth the time it takes to create them.

NORAD Tracks Santa North American Aerospace Defense Command (NOARD), has actually been responsible for tracking Santa’s Christmas Eve flight for more than 50 years. Keep track of Santa's yearly trip around in the world in a high tech manner.

Email Santa - A website that is stock full of a wide variety of Christmas activities. The activities appeal to wide variety of user but the most popular component is the link where you can send Santa an email. No email account is necessary. Just fill in the blanks on the email to get a customized email from Santa. Warning - make sure you have the sound turned up because there is some really cute audio.

Snow Line - Help Santa deliver the presents by drawing lines of snow. Watch out as there are a number of twists and turn that Santa must pass through on his route. Also, plan ahead as you only have so much snow to draw lines with. Warning this game is highly addictive to all age levels.

This holiday season take the time to enjoy the merriment through a child's eyes. Everything is filled with excitement, wonder, and awe. It reminds us of the magic of this holiday season.