Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pirate Treasure Hunt (Eight Challenges)

Pirate Treasure Hunt Eight Challenges is a free app by Education Services Australia.  You are asked to help Pirate Jack navigate his way around his treasure map until he uncovers the treasure. Like the title states, Pirate Jack runs into eight different challenges that he needs to solve in order to complete his quest.

Pirate Jack walked into a snare that has him hanging upside down in a coconut tree. Your first challenge requires you to make four words using the various coconuts in order for him to get down. The words are based on the "at" word family.  Users are then asked to find the correct place on the treasure map to begin the challenge.

Once the user finds the correct place on the map they will be given the second challenge. It is a sequencing activity. In order to receive the lantern the user is required to put the temperature words in order from coldest to hottest.

The next challenge Pirate Jack faces is a visual motor task. He need to retrieve the scroll but a sleeping bear is guarding it. You are required to move the rocks into the correct places to block the bears path. Choose carefully because each time you place a rock in the incorrect place the bear will slowly start to wake up. If you wake up the sleeping bear you will be required to start again.

Once the scroll has been captured you will be on to your next destination. Your clue is located in the lake and your fourth challenge requires you to use the plan on the scroll captured in the third challenge to build a raft correctly and sail out to capture the keys.

Your next clue is located in the ocean and you need to set the alarm on Pirate Jack's watch to the correct time so he can take a nap until low tide. If Pirate Jack wakes up at the correct time he will retrieve the next clue which is a box of matches.

The matches are necessary to light the cannon in the sixth challenge but before you can light the fuse on the cannon you must have loaded the correct amount of gunpowder into it. You will discover the correct amount by looking through the telescope in the scene. Then you load bags of gunpowder on the scale in five and ten pound increments until the correct amount is reached.

Your cannon will knock the rock off the path so you can reach the next destination which is located on the beach. A number of statue pieces are located in the sand and you are required to assembly them in the correct order. The appropriate order is determined by matching patterns of statue pieces.

After the statue has been assembled correctly it will turn into a golden Tikki god that points the way to the eighth and final challenge. It is the treasure chest. You will need to find the correct key on your ring to open the chest and complete the challenge.

I use this app to work on following directions and listening comprehension skills with my students in primary elementary. The kids love it! Their one complaint is that it is done to quickly and they hope the developer will consider adding additional challenges or create a sequel soon. This is a must have for anyone that work with kids between the ages of 4 and 9 years of age.