Thursday, November 1, 2012

Record Keeping With Google Forms and my iPad

As an educational SLP I am constantly in search of a more efficient method of recording the necessary data to meet state due process requirements and plan appropriate educational programming for my students. Last year when the district I work for moved from Microsoft Office to Google Apps for Education, I learned about Google Forms. It looked promising but I was so busy learning how to implement the iPad I didn't give it much thought.

This fall we are in Year #1 of the due process review cycle (self review) and were required to attend a training. They talked a lot about accountability which made me think about my data collection systems again. While doing research on-line, I ran across a great tutorial on Chapel Hill Snippets that made sense to me. I adapted the idea to meet my needs and voila! I have a new record keeping system. 

I created a Google Form on my computer that included the date, attendance information, IEP objectives, and an area for additional information. On everyone of my students.

Percentally App
If I am not using an app that takes data for me, I take the data using the Percentally App and my iPhone. I think an iPad Mini would be the perfect device. Perhaps in the near future I can find a way to get my hands on one.  The data is recorded and automatically populates into a Google Spreadsheet.

Now at the end of every nine weeks when we are required to provide parents with Progress Reports all I need to do is average the data and enter it onto the appropriate due process form.  Also, at IEP meetings I can quickly show parents and other team members graphs of progress.

Record keeping has always been a tedious process. Since I started to use this system, I actually don't mind taking or recording data. The end of the first nine weeks is here and I am quickly averaging up data and moving right along with my progress reports. Perhaps after many years of being a professional educator, I have finally found a way to work smarter not harder. Why not give it a try and see what you think?