Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language and Auditory Development

I haven't forgotten that I started to give everyone a peek into what I have on my work iPad it just has been crazy busy and I haven't had time to sit down and write. How I organize my iPad is always evolving. Right now I have the majority of my language apps organized by developer because I can find them faster. I do have some odds and ends in folders labeled speech and language. This post is going to feature a developers that I think make great speech apps. If you have't checked out series of apps made by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language and Auditory Development, I recommend you take a look.

The Hamaguchi Apps I use regularly are: 

Fun with Directions - The students participate in a variety of interactive activities that work on following directions that include color words, spatial concepts, and auditory processing skills. You are also able to work on auditory memory skills by turning on the Superstar Directions feature. In this feature, the user has to repeat what they were told to do and record it.

More Fun with Directions - Very similar to Fun with Directions but features different concepts.

First Phrases - This is one of my all time favorite apps. It works on getting the user to move from speaking in one or two words utterances to phrases (verb + the + noun). It provides multiple learning opportunities by allowing them to  both see and hear the phases. Then the users is allowed to watch the featured character act out the phrase. Finally the user is expected to record themselves saying the phrase. Based on which features are turned on in the app, it can also be a great way to work on early literacy skills.

Picture the Sentence - Works on making sentences meaningful to the listener. A sentences is stated and a visual representation of each word is provided. The user is expected to determine which picture out of three best represents what they heard and place that picture inside an empty picture frame. A great tool for working on listening skills, auditory processing skills and auditory memory. Also, this is a great tool when your working with students on the autism spectrum.

You're the Storyteller: The Surprise - I use this app in multiple ways. When I am working on narrative skills with a students, I will frequently uses this app. I also use it with my articulation students that are working on carry-over to conversation. What could be better than having them create/record their own story and then go back to listen and rate their own articulation.

Talk About It Objects Pro - Is another wonderful app. Unlike the other apps by Hamaguchi Apps, this app doesn't feature following directions or early language development skills. It works on higher order language skills such as describing, categorizing, and recognizing the most important features of a specific object. Every time I use this app I am amazed at how hard the kids work so they can reach the simple little rewards that are built into the app.

Between the Lines Series - Consists of three apps that focus on pragmatic language skills. Some of the skills targeted include: perspective-taking, body language, facial expressions, understanding common expressions, auditory processing, and interpreting vocal intonation. They are great tool in an area that has limited apps. I only have the lite version of these three apps and would will be replacing each of them with the full version as money allows.
The apps in this series include: