Friday, February 15, 2013


Playing games is a huge piece of everyone's childhood. Most kids LOVE them! I have taken my love for board games and moved that into my classroom. The students love them and are more engaged so we accomplish a lot when the board games come out. Just about any traditional board game can easily be adapted to use in therapy.
Having a background in educational technology, I was easily transported into the world of iPad and apps when I was assigned my first iPad by my school district. The iPad and all its wonder was quickly put to work with my students it was easy to see what a great addition this tool was going to be for me professionally. 

Board game apps are plentiful in the App Store. Some I've liked and use in therapy sessions and others I've considered a waste of money. Recently I found a series of four apps and their accessories that combine the concepts of playing traditional board games with the hands on interactivity of the iPad.

These little gems are called iPieces and Pressman Toys is the creator. They have long standing roots in the toy world and are located on the East Coast. iPieces entered the market in July of 2012. The four games in this series are; 1) Snakes and Ladders 2) Game of Goose 3) Air Hockey 4) Fishing. Each of these apps are free downloads in the App Store but the users must purchase the small game boxes that contain the game pieces. The individual game boxes are relatively inexpensive (currently they are all on Amazon for $10.00 or less) and can be purchased from Pressman Toys or Amazon.

I currently have two of the games in the iPieces series and will be adding the other two soon. They are working great in therapy sessions. The kids love, love, love them and stay highly engaged in the learning activity they need to complete to get their turns. The number of trials I get per students when the iPieces games are out is extremely high. They are so worth the price you pay for them and because of their small size are easily transportable between locations. If your looking for something new to purchase you might want to give iPieces a look.