Saturday, March 23, 2013

One Step Two Step by Pocket SLP

This is a review I wrote last week for for AppAbled.

One step Two Step is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later.

·         $4.99
·         Category: Education
·         Updated: Dec 26, 2012
·         Version: 1.2
·         Size: 78.6 MB
·         Language: English
·         Seller: Synapse Apps LLC
·         © 2012 Synapse Apps LLC

Students face hundreds of directions each day in school. Their ability to follow those directions is critical to how successful they will be in the educational setting. Students that struggle with following these directions both in and out of school, frequently have weaker auditory sequential memory skills.
Synapse Apps LLC better known in the app world as Pocket SLP has developed an app that provides  a well-rounded way to practice following directions and expand the users auditory sequential memory skills. This app is called One Step Two Step and is available in the lite version but also for an in app purchase of $1.99 the user can upgrade to the professional version. The difference between the “Pro” and “Lite” versions is that the “Pro” version has the ability to enter multiple students at one time and export student data.

The app consists of twenty three different scenes with two levels of play. An easy level titled “Caterpillar” (one step directions) and an hard level called “Butterfly” (two step directions). Eight different directions are located on each of the levels. When the app opens, the scenes look like pages in a coloring book. When the directions button (which is located on the bottom of the page.) is pushed, the student will need to choose which of the eight directions they want to hear. The student will be presented with an oral direction about the picture. Each direction focuses on either coloring an object in the picture or placing a shape on an object. When the students are asked to color they have access to twelve colors, an eraser and three different color sizes. Once the appropriate color choices are made, the student can color by moving their finger on the appropriate location. Shapes presented for the student to add to the scene upon request are circle, star, square, triangle, check mark, and an X. They are dragged and dropped onto the appropriate location. An example of one of the directions (Caterpillar level) in the grocery store scene is; “Find the monkey. Color the monkey’s hat orange.” An example of a direction at the (Butterfly level) in the grocery store scene; “Color the pig pink and the mouse brown.” When a scene needs to be cleared because it is finished or an error has been made, it is done by touching the clear button and you will be asked, “Are you sure you want to clear the scene for user (student’s name)?” You are required to answer this prompt.
Data can be taken while each direction followed. It is done by pressing the correct or incorrect button located on the left hand side of the screen. Also located on the left hand side of the screen is a report button. Pressing this button will access the report feature. It provides the students name, scene, percentage correct/incorrect and allows you to enter comments. The report can be emailed out or printed. All of the user’s data can be accessed by clicking on the report icon on the opening screen of the app. Once the user is chosen, all of the user’s data is stored by date.

One Step Two Step also contains an additional section titled “Activity.” This is a way to practice following directions given by an adult rather than the technology. For many children, this is more realistic to the educational setting. It also can be used to allow the student practice giving directions and having the adult follow them. The activity section provides a nice follow up to the main focus of the app.

What I Like About This App
·         The wide variety of scenes and directions available.
·         The two levels of play addressing one step and two step directions.
·         In app data collection is available as well as exportable reports.
·         It includes a follow up activity to see how the students can generalize the skills they are working on.
·         It allows you to also work on vocabulary, colors, concepts and shapes in addition to following directions.

What I Would Like to See In Future Updates
·         Changing from a color feature to a paint feature as some students are going to obsess with attempting to make the coloring perfect.