Monday, June 17, 2013

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  • Released: Jun 07, 2013
  • Version: 1.0
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  • Language: English
  • Seller: Synapse Apps LLC
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  • Rated 4+
  • Requirements: Artic Academy is compatible with iPad but requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Are you ready for a new twist to articulation apps? Synapse Apps LLC better known as Pocket SLP has created an engaging and motivating app to practice articulation skills. Artic Academy features five activities that build in hierarchical fashion. Things begin with discrimination activities, progress through two word levels activities before moving on to the sentence level and then finishing up at the paragraph level.
The app has a clean simple interface. To enter students into the app, you need to tap on the Add Name button and then you will be prompted to enter the students first and last name. You are also given the option of entering an avatar/picture that represents the student. Finally you need to choose the phoneme that you will be working on. The following twenty three options are available; S, Z, S Blends, L, L Blends, SH, CH, J, TH, K, G, F, V, R, AIR, AR, EAR, ER, IRE, R Blends, and OR. Once all of your students are entered all you need to do is check the box in front of the appropriate names to begin.

·         Level One – Auditory Discrimination --Student are presented with three pictures that are said orally and asked, “Which word has the same beginning/middle/final sound as _____?” Users are expected to find the appropriate picture.
·         Level Two – Guess the Word – Students are shown twenty one distorted images on their screen and they are expected to guess what each image is. When the distorted image is tapped it will reveal the picture. (Hint - each image contains the target phoneme.)
·         Level Three – 3x Drill Burst – This is a traditional articulation activity. Three images appear on the screen and the students are expected to say each of the words. If repetition of any of the words is needs students can tap on the playback button located directly under the image.
·         Level Four – Sentence Scramble – Students are expected to put the scrambled sentence containing the target phoneme in order. Once the sentence is in the correct order it is said out loud.
·         Level Five – Paragraphs – Users are provided a humorous paragraph and a number of individual images that contains a variety of words with the target phoneme. They are expected to read the paragraph and then drag and drop the pictures into the appropriate locations in the paragraph.

In levels One through Four you are able to choose which position in words you like to practice the targeted phoneme (I-initial, M-medial, F-final and X-mixed) but in level five you are only able to practice the targeted phoneme in the mixed position. Data keeping is available in all five levels. At the discrimination level, data is automatically recorded by the app. In levels two through five data collection is available by touching the green check (correct), red X (incorrect) or the yellow wavy lines (approximation) on the screen. Multiple users are all able to use the app at the same time as you are easily able to move between users by tapping on the word clients at the top of the screen and picking a different user. An individual user can also target two or more phonemes in the same manner.
All of the data can be accessed by tapping on the reports function. It provides comprehensive data that is reported by date, type of activity and how they did in each position of words. There is also a comment section available. Professionals are able to type in comments they may have about a session and that information is saved within the app. All of the data is exportable via email.
Two additional navigational features that are worth mentioning are:
  • Diagram – Provides users with a picture of tongue placement for the targeted phoneme.
  • Record Audio – Allows the users to record their production of targeted phonemes and play them back for self-evaluation.

Pocket SLP does an awesome job of supporting the users of Artic Academy by providing a great video tutorial. This can be accessed by tapping on the glasses on the opening screen of the app.

What I Like About This App
·         Data collection is built into the app.
·         Great reports are generated to show the users proficiency and they can be emailed.
·         I LOVE how they leave a comment section for professionals in the data section.
·         It is easy to change between multiple users that are using the app at the same time.
·         The hierarchal format is a nice change of pace in the world of articulation apps.

What I Would Like To See In Future Updates
·         It would be awesome to have additional paragraphs added in future updates.

I am looking forward to testing Artic Academy with students this fall. It looks like a breath of fresh air in the world of articulation apps.

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