Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Preposition Journey

·         Category: Education
·         Released: May 30, 2013
·         Version: 1.0
·         Size: 107 MB
·         Language: English
·         Seller: Virtual Speech Center Inc.
·         © Virtual Speech Center Inc.

      Rated 4+

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

The Virtual Speech Center has done it again! They have another new app on the market. This time the focus is on prepositions; a topic that is very familiar to speech language pathologists.

Preposition Journey is similar to the other apps in the Virtual Speech Center family. It contains an extensive description of the app and a clearly written set of instructions on how to use the app. These are accessible from the opening screen of the app by tapping on the “Info” button.

The app is also customizable by tapping the “Settings” button.  The features you are able to customize are:
·         Enable Audio
·         User Alternate Count
·         Automatic Paging
·         Random Paging
·         Correct Sound
·         Incorrect Sound

Set up is similar to the other apps in the Virtual Speech Center family. It is done by tapping on “Start” on the main screen and then the “Add Student” button. A dialogue box appears to enter the student’s name and tap on “Save”. You are then prompted to select the appropriate student(s) from the student list. After the student(s) have been selected, it is necessary to tap “Next” in the upper right hand corner. Then you will be prompted to make a choice of scene (Lake Camping, Island, or City), whether you would like a receptive or an expressive task and what prepositions you will focus on.

The focus of the receptive tasks is on locating a variety of animals in various positions in the scenes. E.g. “Show me the rabbit above the hammock.”  Users are expected to tap on the animal they believe best shows the preposition stated. The preposition will be restated if the user taps on the green curved arrow in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Percentage correct is located in the lower right hand corner also.

While during the expressive tasks, the users are expected to answer a where question about the scene that features animals in various positions on the screen.  E.g. “Where is the fox?”  The users response should be recorded and played back to evaluate correctness. This can be done by using the record and playback features located in the lower right hand corner. Data on these responses can be recorded by tapping on the correct (green check) and incorrect (red x) symbols located on the lower right hand side of the app.
Preposition Journey has twenty prepositions to chosen from. The prepositions include in, on , under, next to, in front of, behind, in the back, between, above, below, beside, in the middle, outside, out, over, near, far, on the side, on the left, on the right

When your session is complete you can access a session report that lists the date, student’s name, skill worked on, and percentage correct. A more comprehensive report is available by tapping on “Reports” on the main screen. You will need to select the user and the skill for which you want data. Then you are able to view the data by activity or date. All reports are printable or can be emailed.
Preposition Journey is another quality tool to work on prepositions using iOS technology. However, I noticed that it is missing the WOW factor of a built in reward for working hard that many of the other Virtual Speech Center apps have.

What I Like About This App
·         Easy set up.
·         Data collection is available.
·         Allows one user to work on the preposition in both the receptive and expressive contexts.
·         Record and playback feature is available in both receptive and expressive tasks.
·         The twenty concepts addressed are the more common ones.

What I Would Like to See In Future Updates
·         It is missing the reward activity that is present in many of the other Virtual Speech Center apps. This helps to keep the kids motivated to participate.
·         A wider variety of scenes.

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