Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sentence Workout

  • $12.99
  • Category: Education
  • Released: Nov 12, 2012
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 50.3 MB
  • Seller: Virtual Speech Center Inc.
  • © Virtual Speech Center Inc.
  • Rated 4+
  • Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

It’s time! Get your cleats tied up and head to the soccer field. Of course I mean a virtual field created by Virtual Speech Center with their app titled Sentence Workout. It is a great app that focuses on sentence structure in both the written (receptive) and oral (expressive) formats.

Set up is similar to the other apps in the Virtual Speech Center family. It is done by tapping on “Start” on the main screen and then the orange “Add Student” button. A dialogue box appears that requires you to enter the student’s name and tap on “Save”. You will then be prompted to select the appropriate student(s) from the student list. After the student(s) have been selected, it is necessary to tap “Next” in the upper right hand corner. Then you will be prompted to select the activity (sentence type) that will be focused on for each user. There are three hundred and fifty sentences with thirty seven different sentence structures with approximately ten pages of each sentence type. You also need to pick which of the two different activities (Say it or Build Your Sentence) that will be worked on.

The “Say it” activities focus on expressive language. Users are presented with an image and hear a question
prompt. They are expected to answer the question in a complete sentence using correct syntax. Students record their response and play it back with the built in record and playback features in the app. Then together with their parent or speech language pathologist they rate the response as correct or incorrect.

Receptive language skills can be addressed by choosing the “Build a Sentence” activity. In this activity, students are asked to drag and drop sentence parts together to make a complete sentence about the image seen on the screen. Students have the opportunity to record and playback their production of the sentence too. Struggling readers are also supported as the words on the sentence blocks are stated when tapped on.
After a predetermined number (5-10) of trials have been completed, the user is allowed to head to the soccer stadium for a reward. They are greeted by their soccer coach and allowed to shoot soccer balls at a goal that is being defended by a goalie for eight seconds. Shots are taken by using your finger to “flick” the ball at the goal.
When your session is complete you can access a session report that lists the date, student’s name, skill
worked on, and percentage correct. A more comprehensive report is available by tapping on “Reports” on the main screen. You will need to select the user and the skill for which you want data. Then you are able to view the data by activity or date. All reports are printable or they can be emailed.

Some customization is available by accessing the “Settings” features.  These features are:
·         User Alternate Count
·         Enable Audio
·         Show Instructions
·         Automatic Paging
·         Random Paging
·         Enable Reward
·         Award Counter

I did not get the opportunity to use this app with any of my students because the school year came to an end but I am positive it will be a huge hit next fall as they loved other apps by the Virtual Speech Center. Also anything with a sports theme is also usually an instant hit with my students.

What I Like About This App
·         Easy set up
·         Comprehensive data is available in the reports
·         Focuses on both receptive and expressive language
·         Record and playback feature is available
·         A high interest reward (soccer) activity keeps the learner “tuned in” to the learning
·         Sentence types are laid out in a hierarchy so it easy to access

What I Would Like to See In Future Updates
·         It would be great to have some built in “homework” that was easily printed.

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