Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fun with R

  • $14.99
  • Category: Education
  • Released: Sep 10, 2013
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 195 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Virtual Speech Center Inc.© Virtual Speech Center Inc.
  • Rated 4+
  • Requirements: Fun with R compatible with iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

My initial reaction to Virtual Speech Center’s new app “Fun with R” was how in the world can you make “R” fun. This reaction is because “R” is one of the trickiest phonemes to work on with students who have articulation issues. After thoroughly going through the app and trying it out with a number of students, here are my thoughts and opinions about the app.
Set up is similar to the other apps in the Virtual Speech Center family. It is done by tapping on “Start” on the main screen and then the green “Add Student” button. A dialogue box appears that requires you to enter the student’s name and tap on “Save”. You will then be prompted to select the appropriate student(s) from the student list. Then you will need to select which of the three activities you would like to participate in. When that has all been completed, it is necessary to tap “Next” in the upper right hand corner. Then you will be prompted to select the target that will be focused on for each user. You are able to customize the users word by tapping on the “edit words” button located under each target.

The app features three activities; Flash Cards, Memory Game, and Bingo Game.  Flash Cards is a deck of electronic flash cards. Students are presented with an image that features the target phoneme. They are expected to record themselves saying the word and then play it back and rate their production as green/successful, yellow/approximation, and red/missed. It is easy to quickly move between the word, phrase, and sentence levels as well as what position in words the target phoneme is being produced. The app was also designed to be able to easily move between multiple users and multiple target phonemes per user in any of the activities. This is done by tapping on an arrow and selecting the new user or phoneme.

Like the Flash Cards activity, the Memory Game is pretty straight forward. It is like any typical memory game. Students are expected to find cards with matching images. Each card contains an image with the target phoneme and students are expected to say the word. They can record themselves saying the word and play it back to provide an accurate measurement of their production. This is exactly the same as the Flash Card activity where they tap the green, yellow or red button to rate their production.

The final activity is Bingo Game. Students are given a bingo card that features pictures that contain the target phoneme. On the right hand side of the screen a single image is presented and the student must check and see if the featured image is on their bingo card. If the image matches an image on the bingo board the student taps the image on the bingo board and it is blacked out. If the featured image doesn’t match an image on the board you can tap the next button to change the featured image. To get more practice, I had my group say the featured image and compete against each other to see who could get bingo first. The kids really enjoyed the Bingo Game activity.

When time is up, sessions can be easily ended by tapping on Finish in the upper left hand corner. After tapping on “Finish session” data appears. A more comprehensive look at the user’s data can be accessed by tapping on Reports on the opening screen of the app. You may email the data to others from either location.

Some customization is available by accessing the “Settings” features.  These features are:
·         Show Text
·         Correct Sound
·         Incorrect Sound
·         Approximation Sound
·         Custom Word List (great feature where you can upload your own images)

I used this app with students for approximately a week before writing this review. The kids LOVED the Bingo Game activity when we played it in head to head competition. “Fun with R” is another handy tool to have to work on that tricky R phoneme. It is always good to have lots of options.
What I Like About This App
·         Easy set up
·         Comprehensive data is available in the reports
·         The Bingo activity
·         Record and playback feature is available
·         The ability to create customized word lists
What I Would Like to See In Future Updates
·         I would like additional unique activities added. My students are tired of memory games. They suggested a sports theme of shooting baskets or getting to take a shot on goal against a hockey goalie.

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