Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pines to Vines

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  • Rated 4+
  • Pines to Vines is compatible with the iPad and requires iOS 6.1 or later.

Mobile Education Store has taken a step away from their amazing apps that work on improving
language skills to create what could be a game changer in the world on special education. Their newest app Pines to Vines is the first in the Crack the Books series of digital iTextbooks which are designed for upper elementary aged students.

According to the Mobile Education Store’s website “Pine to Vines covers a variety of topics, including forest layers, range and climate of forest biomes, plant and animal wildlife, adaptations,
benefits of forests, and forest threats. Students will learn about all major forest types including moist forest, tropical/subtropical dry forests, tropical/subtropical coniferous forests, temperate coniferous forests, temperate broadleaf forests, Mediterranean, forests, riverine forests, mangroves and boreal forests.”

Pines to Vines is a collaborative project between Mobile Education Store, Oregon State University’s Department of Forestry and a team of educators and specialists. The textbook contains adjustable reading levels from 1st through 8th grade which allows ALL students to experience the information without sacrificing curriculum.

What is so great about Pines to Vines and the other upcoming iTextbooks in the Crack the Books series is that they focus on comprehension and student engagement. The curriculum in Pines to Vines is delivered using amazing photographs, videos, fun facts, animations, interactive charts, tables and globes. Vocabulary
support is provided by providing hyperlinks to pop up windows containing definitions. The app also allows students to highlight text to create notes for presentations or to study. The iTextbook is customizable to support the learner in additional ways. Some of the customizable features are; text size, read text aloud, read test questions aloud, test image reinforcement, answer dictation, background sound effects and Dropbox Sync.

Student progress in Pines to Vines is measured through built in comprehension questions, chapter
tests, and a final exam. These assessments are all graded within Pines to Vines by tapping on done and emailing the quiz results to the teacher. This saves educators valuable “time” in their busy professional life.

The Crack the Books iTextbook series is going to open up new worlds for students with special needs. Science topics that have been off limits for students with disabilities because of the topics now with this iTextbook contain rich language concepts that students with disabilities couldn’t comprehend are now only a tap away and are based off of multiple learning styles.

What I Like About This App

What I Would Like To See In Future Updates
  • iTextbooks based on social studies common core standards too. 

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